Following the initial release of the first how-to eBook in Tractor Beam Marketing's 'Social Skills' series; the Kindle Edition of the first title called 'Social Skills: Facebook Basics for Business' is now available on Amazon.com. It is currently in the top 100 paid eBooks in the Marketing & Sales>Advertising category.

Social Skills: Social Media Is Like High School


Content of any type is not useful unless you can find it, organize it and interact with it. In the enterprise companies have tried many different schemes to try and get business content collected in a central repository, organized, tagged, version controlled, and searchable. This has often taken the route of "content management" systems. Content management systems to varying degrees, do an adequate job of getting some content into a controlled system environment. There are challenges with content management systems on two fronts though, getting content into the system in the first place (getting employees to participate in inputting content in some way) and getting the right content into the hands of the person who actually needs it. Search helps find content and tagging can increase searchability of course, but the whole system is only as good as the ability to input and tag the content, which inherently requires broad participation. To me it seems that the problem isn't management of content but the opposite, liberation of content.

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Teenagers who receive better child care during early years fair slightly higher on measures of academic and cognitive achievement compared to their counterparts who don’t, a new research indicates.
A long-running study funded by the National Institutes of Health shows that teens who had spent the most hours in child care in their first 41/2 years reported a slightly greater tendency toward impulsiveness and risk-taking at 15 than did peers who spent less time in child care.
The study is the first to track children for a full decade after they left childcare.

Early daycare leads to smarter teens | Health / Medicine


Socialization takes a downward turn at Facebook. A board member's account was hacked this past weekend, but whose information is really being compromised?

DailyTech - Facebook Board Member Get's Reeled Into Phishing Scam


The 11-year-old from La Grange has known her since he was born and she has been his teacher all his life. Nathan is home schooled.
His mother, Elizabeth Crewe, is part of a wider group of parents who home school and meet collectively as members of Westside House, a chapter of Illinois Home Oriented Unique Schooling Experience, or HOUSE, which bills itself as an inclusive, non-sectarian network of homeschooling support groups.
All three of Elizabeth and Mark Crewe’s children have been home schooled, including Julia, 10, and Elliott, 6.

Home school not like old school - Riverside, IL - Riverside Suburban Life


The New York Times Magazine has a long and interesting article today about the moral life of babies. The story’s main thesis, after establishing evidence for a rudimentary infant morality–such as babies preferring “good guy” puppets, I can’t do the evidence justice in a blog entry–is to refute suggestions–which are treated respectfully–that human morality is evidence for a divinity, as opposed to purposeless evolution. But that matter is of no consequence to us here at SHS.

“The Moral Life of Babies:” Evidence of Human Exceptionalism » Secondhand Smoke | A First Things Blog


I think it is a denial fantasy that the relentless verbal abuse that used to pound through the hallways of the Exeter Area Junior High in 1987 and 1988 have magically disappeared in 2010 at Cooperative Middle School.
It's the same school, same hierarchical institution, same oppressive school rules, just in a different building a few miles away.

Structure of schools contributes to bullying | SeacoastOnline.com


Now, when we started out, other homeschooling families were already reporting that the great benefit of homeschooling over public education is that because children interact with adults more than they do with other children, they tend to mature much faster and their social interactions will be on more of an adult level. Hence, I am not surprised to see these same results in my own children. And I am not the first one saying this, I am just lending my voice to what homeschoolers already know. The truth is that you will become like the company you keep, and if your children spend most of their time with children they will act like children, but if they spend most of their time around adults, don’t be surprised when they behave like a young adult rather than a teenager.

Faith : What about a child’s social development? - Frontiersman


COLUMBIA- Woodcrest Chapel hosted a Post-Secondary Education Fair today.

Local home-schooled students at the fair visited with different colleges and universities from around the country.
The annual event is designed to help students get information about further education. Representatives came from Westminster College and Columbia College, two of the more home-school friendly universities in the area. Although there are no specific scholarships available to home-schooled students, programs geared towards assisting these students are being built.

KOMU.com - Education Fair Helps Home-Schooled Students - Coverage You Can Count On


Who is to blame in the Phoebe Prince bullying tragedy?
Prince's death and the subsequent charges against six of her fellow students in South Hadley, Mass. has brought a community together to question exactly what is happening in their public schools just outside their door. The suspects themselves are now subject to being bullied.
On Thursday, the Massachusetts Senate unanimously backed an anti-bullying bill. The bill would prohibit bullying at schools and clamp down on so-called cyberbullying by prohibiting the use of e-mails, text messages, Internet postings and other electronic means to create a hostile school environment.

Character-education expert: Forget test scores, focus on attitude, effort & character